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Tandem offers you free YACY search engine access point to the only real free alternative search engine to Google (the service will not be on 24h)(as far as we know Tandem is currently offering the only access point on internet to the Yacy search engine)
Please note that response to your queries might take up to 30 seconds after pushing the search button

Yacy is temporarily off work

!!! --->list of all alternative search engines currently available to avoid Google results manipulation
hot! All jobs for expats, erasmus and foreigners in Warsaw ( - 5th June 2021)
hot! All jobs in Kiev ( - 5th June 2021)

Tandem Warsaw International Community

Download the Tandem app to read the Tandem's Telegram channel on your Android smartphones (just in case you don't want to  install the Telegram app and join the Tandem channel)

Just for fun, a proof of concept: Tandem app that you can install on your Windows 10 PC. The app currently does nothing but can be further developed.

Cross compiled on Linux for Windows 32 bit :)

Tandem Telegram channel (recommended): it cannot be easily shut down by any government and user information and activities cannot be collected just by one click or automatically:

Tandem social media channels (unrecommended) (they can be easily shutdown without any notice with loss of all content):

Facebook page:

Facebook main group:

Google blog:

Youtube channel (rarely used):

Tandem has several other language specific groups on Facebook:

The only one currently useful is the group for online meetings:

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