Blue Flower

Big Tech companies have several advantages that help them to keep their monopolies: sometimes the lack of valid alternatives, financial firepower to market their solutions on tv (no big tech started without massive tv campaigns to establish their clients base), accustomization of users to their products or legacies, lack of expertise of the user which is more confused by the proliferation of alternatives instead of being helped so that they prefer to stick to what is already known. However Freedom belongs only to the people who strived for it not to rent seekers. There are several alternative browsers but to make it simpler our selection encompass only those based on the Gecko and Goanna layout engine because all the other browser engines have been developed by the notorius big tech companies (you don't want to exit the door to be back by the window) :

GNU IceCat:

W3M (text based+images):

Lynx (text based):

Comodo IceDragon:




Pale Moon:

Mozilla Firefox:


Disconneting yourself from the Matrix and getting rid of the old bad surfing habits helps to build a free internet and a better world while you better protect your privacy