Tandem Warsaw International Community is an informal association of polyglots who meet to practise languages and meet new friends in public venues as customers and seat and speak with other customers in the venue. Tandem's contribution to its members is to facilitate the encounter of another language partner but has no commercial relationship with any specific business. Your participation in any Tandem's meetings is your sole decision and responsibility.

Tandem will not take responsibilities of any kind for your participation and cannot give you any guarantee that by participating you might not incur any financial loss or health issue because of administrative checks or non-compliance of other participants to the event or customers in the venue or of the business hosting us. While we estimate these risks as very low still they are not zero. Participate at your own risk and take all precautions you deem to be useful before participating or abstain from participating if you have concerns. Thank you for your understanding.

Please also note that the incoming flux of refugees into Warsaw might increase the risk of public disorders or small crime especially late in the night.