Tandem privacy policy

For Facebook, Google, Telegram and Eventbrite refer to their respective privacy policies.

Tandem is an informal association of polyglots who gather in public venues and places to practise languages and meet new friends. The administration helps only with coordination work on a volunteering basis and free of charge. Participation at Tandem meetings is always free of charge. Hosts also are never required any payment to have a Tandem meeting organized at their venue.

What kind of data are collected, stored and processed

1) Name, Surname and email, provided by the participant to book the free ticket and subscribe to the newsletter and IP address to filter fake bookings from genuine ones

The purpose is to notify by email with the Tandem newsletter the ticket's owners about the location and its address where the meeting will be held, to keep statistics and to prevent non real participants (fake bookers) from easy collecting data of Tandem administration and members activities

Tandem does not share, sell or transfer this kind of data to any third parties.

2) Pictures and videos of the meetings

When participating at a Tandem meeting you are a public person participating to a cultural public event hold in a public place

The purpose is for historical documentation and to motivate new and old members to participate to the next meetings so that there are enough participants to effectively practise languages Tandem publishes these materials on social media like Facebook, Google blogger, Telegram, Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Vkontakte and others

How to unsubscribe from Tandem newsletter:

Send an email to warszawa.tandem@gmail.com.

Please note that the unsubscription is done manually and it might take few days to come into effect

How to request a photo or video removal from Tandem Facebook main page:

We expect the requester to have a motivation more serious than "I don't look well"

By the way send a request to warszawa.tandem@gmail.com with the link of the picture or video where you are and send also a copy of the picture modified with you circled so that we can understand what part to modify. We might repost the same picture or video with a cut, or remove the content.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove the content within 3 month from the request in case of single request and 3 month plus 1 week for each additional item in case of multiple request. You could be in a long request queue and since it is done manually with no staff helping it might require the due time.

Please also note that not in all cases for technical reasons or restriction by the social media we might be able to remove content. In such case you should address your request directly to the social media customer support or (facebook) groups/pages admins