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It's a browser plugin that let's you customize facebook page choosing what part of it you want to see and what not. Very powerful
You can install now Tandem app on your Android smartphone to receive Tandem meetings information from the Telegram channel. It makes it easier also to sign up to the telegram channel. No more need of social media to keep in touch with Tandem
Tandem has a new official address: http://tandem international.waw.pl
Freedom starts from free speech. In the digital era Google is more central than facebook in manipulating information. Do you want to know more about it and about alternatives? http://tandeminternational.waw.pl/cms/index.php
Updated the list of alternative search engines. Tandem article is the most updated you can find on internet. Classically on google you would get million of links to articles mentioning the same list of search engines, most of which provide meta-search results from Google and Bing (you exit from the door and re-enter the house of hell from the window). There is a very short list of alternatives but they are real.
Giovedi' 4 febbraio 2021 alle ore 19.00 Parliamo Italiano online solo per gli iscritti al gruppo facebook di Tandem per i meeting online. Il link della stanza deve essere aperto con Chrome o con l'app di Facebook altrimenti non funziona: https://msngr.com/zyykpzzdtora
Freedom of speech starts from search engines that do not manipulate results and rankins. tandeminternational.waw.pl/cms offers you an updated list and access to Yacy on tandeminternational.waw.pl
Our current estimate is that we might start organizing the meeting from the mid of March 2021. We will review it if necessary
New article on the alternative web browsers on the Tandem CMS. Http://www.tandeninternational.waw.pl
Our current estimate is reviewed and we might resume the meetings by the end of April