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Tickets must be booked in advance however
From the 1st of June only the internal booking system will be in place, except for the already scheduled 7th June meeting on the beach
On the 1st of June everyone will receive a fresh start with the new internal booking system. However keep in mind that email addresses that will book tickets and will not confirm or cancel the participation or not show up, will be banned. The booking system while graphically simple will efficiently and automatically ban suspicious interactions after crossing a tolerance limit and in some cases prevent bookings also from other email addresses. We are confident that those who are in real need of our free language exchange meetings will appreciate the increased privacy, security and quality of participation. However everyone can join, it is enough to fill the form to enroll and you will be wellcome as always and always free of charge! The link to enroll is
Bonus for Telegrammers:the meeting today is at Caffè Nero Inflancka 4b. It's closing at 21
Can anyone send a picture of the table please?
Be always suspicious: nodody represents Tandem on Facebook or at the meetings except the official sources of information: the page on fb, the blog, best of all tandeminternational.waw.pl
What you read there is genuine and official. Everything else is fraud and fraudsters
How to check if an information about a Tandem meeting is genuine or fraud: while Tandem has several groups on fb and advertises on several non Tandem groups you can verify and double check starting at tandeminternational.waw.pl where you have a list of official sources that we keep updated for you: the fb page, the blog, the telegram channels and we send you emails to the address you have provided. Be suspicious of what you read on the internet that you cannot verify and confirm on an official source.
19.00 meeting point long table on the right. Have a sit and wait for the others to arrive between 19.00 and 19.30. It would be nice if anyone can send a picture of the table around 20.00. It's nice to have some memories from time to time
The Polish meeting this Tuesday is NOT in Filtrowa 70. The emails have been sent already
Hello guys can you send in the coordination room a picture of the Polish table please? It's nice to have some memories from time to time
Thank you Nataly! Nice picture
Tandem Polish meeting live on the 23rd of May 2023. Thanks to Nataly for her help. Book your free ticket for the next meetings at https://ticket.tandeminternational.waw.pl
Bonus for Telegrammers: today the English meeting is at Caffè Nero ul. BROKLA 2 upper floor