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Email with 7th Jan meeting details (including the location) has been sent to ticket holders. All tickets gone. See you this evening. Tickets are available for the 25th Jan meeting
Tandem 7th Jan meeting for Telegrammers
Check your spam boxes if you didn't receive an expected email from Tandem
Awareness post: watch out "recruiters". Not every language exchange meeting is a genuine Tandem Warsaw International meeting. There are a lot of unfair Tandem competitors that are trying to add you to WhatsApp, messenger or telegram groups They want to lure you to venues were they get paid for your participation or where you have to pay for a ticket. If you know where you are fine. If you thought you were at a Tandem meeting you have been manipulated. Tandem is always free of charge and no profit and is not commercially tied to any venue. We use available venues functionally according to our needs and we rotate them on purpose even if we use some of them more often than others for practical reasons. Also be aware that if they manage to brake Tandem as an organization you will not have meetings anymore. They are not collecting people by their work but they are always stealing something from Tandem. Once they will have no Tandem to steal from, after 1 year there will be a refresh of the crowd in Warsaw and they will be unable to gather them together since they have never done the necessary work for that, because they are good at stealing but not at building a Tandem. No genuine Tandem no meetings in Warsaw. You can check genuine Tandem sources at
tandeminternational.waw.pl. If you are invited somewhere else by a "Tandem member" you are being manipulated
¡Practica español gratis, conoce nuevos amigos en Varsovia y tómate una copa con nosotros!
El número de entradas disponibles es limitado. Reserve su boleto gratis antes de que alguien más lo haga:
Los poseedores de boletos recibirán la ubicación y los detalles de la reunión un par de días antes por correo electrónico.
¡Nos vemos pronto!
Organizado por Tandem Varsovia Comunidad Internacional (TWIC):
https://t.me/TandemWarsawInternational ¡Únete a nosotros en Telegram!
Улучшите свой польский и познакомьтесь с новыми друзьями. Участие бесплатное.
Количество мест ограничено
Забронируйте бесплатный билет, пока это не сделал кто-то другой
Владельцы билетов получат место и детали встречи по электронной почте за пару дней до встречи.
Urgent: Oko w Oko is unexpectedly closed. Spanish meeting moves 200 m away to the pub in the pictures.