Rules of good behaviour toward the hosts:

1) Please avoid to bring your drinks into a public business like a pub (at least be smart enough not to be seen by other members and above all by the property and the staff of the venue. Drink before, drink after, or get out drink and get in). No business likes free-riders and also YOU need at least one business open in Warsaw to have a meeting

2) Always qualify as a customer place at least one order for the cheapest thing if you can afford it (like coffe for example). The property will notice is there are 50 seats occupied and 10 orders in total (and above all if you hide your own drinks at least place a cheap order) but will not complain if there are 40 orders every 50 seats, it's just common sense.

3) Help the staff bringing back your chair if you have moved it

4) Avoid in general leaving unnecessary litter in the place (like the bottles of drinks not purchased in the place)

Remember that no one in town is waiting for us with a red carpet and we still need to be nice guests for the hosts