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Tandem Warsaw International Community

Wellcome to Tandem's request of participation form (experimental, not yet graphycally enhanced)
Tandem IS NOT A BUSINESS in look for customers and does NOT SELL any service.
Keep in mind that it is a gift to the community of Warsaw and it is based on FREE WORK of VOLUNTEERS and it is always no profit and free of charge! Therefore any string you might have attached for your participation is automatically rejected. Tandem meetings are what you see is what you get.
Abstain from subscribing if you do not intend to actually show up at the meetings not to overload volunteers with unnecessary work.
Confirm your participation after receiving the email with the venue name and address. Cancel your ticket if you cannot join at last.
Warning! the system will detect inconsistent and inappropriate behaviour and will automatically ban the offenders. Tandem will not reply to any request of assistance.
Participation is always free of charge and everyone is always freely wellcome if you put yourself in condition to be able to participate.
We strongly suggest not to waist time playing with the system and incourage you instead to invest your time to benefit yourself the most from the system...
by participating to the meetings to improve your social life and you language skills (moreover our free service, the meeting, has a market value of 140/280zl of 2h/4h of conversation with a language teacher)

Please note that your subscription form is available every day from 8.00 to 23.00 timezone UTC+2. Current UTC+2 time is 05.

Try again in such a timeframe.

Tandem Warsaw International Community

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