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Tandem calendar can be consulted from every device at http://calendar.tandeminternational.waw.pl
Bonus for Telegrammers. Today the meeting is at Caffè Nero ul. Brokla 2 (centrum)
An important information: never share with anybody the location of the meeting if anyone asks you by email, phone, or even personally. We are limiting the activity of "recruiters". It's people hiding in the crowd that come only to advertise other places or services targeting specifically Tandem members. Their activity dissipate the free work that Tandem does to let knew people know about the meetings so they will deprive you of other participants to get free advertisement without having to work for it. You can always reply write an email to Tandem or book a free ticket. They do not even do the work to get a ticket to infiltrate the group. We warn you for your privacy and also security and to let you keep having a Tandem in the future. If you pay attention you will also recognize the subjects because they always tell you about the same places. It's not a random sharing of information but manipulation. At the end of it what they want is to have you spend your money at their friends place but without having to work for it.
Simply put: if anyone can get a free ticket and get the location why anyone should ask you where is the meeting? Always be suspicious! At Tandem there is no need for normal people to cheat the system. If someone tries to do it it has other goals than to practise languages and meet new friends. Do not share any other information than ticket.tandeminternational.waw.pl
It is for your privacy and security