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Tandem Warsaw International Community

Security first! Learn how to protect yourself from counterfeit Tandem meetings in Warsaw advertised on social media (mainly on Facebook) by fraudsters and other type of hostile subjects. Learn more about TWIC's official sources of information about our genuine, official and original meetings...

About us

Formerly known as Tandem Evenings in Warsaw TWIC is an informal and spontaneuos association of polyglots that organizes language exchange meetings in Warsaw since 2008. The meetings are over the 2000th edition and are attended by Expats, Erasmus students and young professionals, foreign and local from all over the world.Participation is always free of charge and all TWIC activities in Warsaw are no profit and free of charge for members and hosts FOREVER. If anyone asks you for money your not at a TWIC's genuine meeting and you are not dealing with a real TWIC representative.
Tandem is based on the unpaid work of volunteers, has no funds, no developers' team and this is why it is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and has no customer service (We have no customers, we care only about members!)

Update: Since June 2023 all Tandem meetings are invitation-only. You can SUBSCRIBE AT
You need to fill the new form only ONCE PER LANGUAGE you're interested in. Tandem will send you an invitation by email for the language exchange meetings you have subscribed in for.

The reference schedule of the meetings

Don't forget to scrolldown on the left bar the calendar to 19.00 to see the meetings of the day. You can also select the monthly view.
Please note that the reference schedule regards only the meetings visible to the public but is not necessarily exaustive. TWIC can organize also non-visible meetings. Members receive full information about the meetings ONLY via email, a direct and secure channel of communication between you and TWIC (if you haven't read the anti-fraud warnings on top of this page you are recommended to do it now: Learn more...

If you don't see the frame with the calendar with your browser use another browser or click here to see the calendar of the meetings: Tandem's calendar of the meetings

hot! Would you like to live and work in Warsaw? Warsaw job lists are updated regularly and uploaded to a shared folder that you can access by this link: All jobs for native speaker Expats in Warsaw by language

Click here to open Yacy if you don't see the frame content
(If you are using Firefox use another browser to see the frames and when Yacy access point is not offline)

Tandem offers you a free YACY search engine access point.

Yacy works


!!! --->a list of alternative search engines

Tandem Warsaw International Community

Download the Tandem app to read the Tandem's Telegram channel on your Android smartphones (just in case you don't want to  install the Telegram app and join the Tandem channel)

Just for fun, a proof of concept: Tandem app that you can install on your Windows 10 PC. The app currently does nothing but can be further developed.

Cross compiled on Linux for Windows 32 bit :)

Tandem official sources of information to double check the genuinity of what you read on social media about Tandem meetings:

(If you are using firefox use another browser to see the frames)

Tandem Telegram channel (recommended): it cannot be easily shut down by any government and user information and activities cannot be collected just by one click or automatically:

Tandem social media channels (unrecommended) (they can be easily shutdown without any notice with loss of all content):

Facebook is currently used to advertise to would-be new members. Current members receive information via email so don't need to follow Tandem there. It is also advisable that you review your membership to your groups and pages so that you keep only the useful ones so that you will have to check less information including ads and spam.
Tandem has several other language specific groups and pages on Facebook to announce the meetings, most of them will be progressively deleted:

The two current official groups on Facebook are transition groups to the Telegram channel and the internal subscription system therefore a maximun number of 250 members will be kept at any given time

Mirko Kirill group admin

Tandem new and current two groups on Facebook:

Mirek Cyryl group admin

Facebook old main group (currently renamed):

Facebook page (currently renamed, still in use but deprecated):

Google blog:

Tandem on Eventbrite (currently not used):

Youtube channel (currently not used):

Tandem is also on other social media not currently worth mentioning.

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Tandem Warsaw International Community

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